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In Development 

This project is a digital and real life collaboration between audience member and performer. What happens is simple; the audience member through the comfort of their own computer, tablet or phone, tells the performer what to do and say. The performance is ultimately two people trying to control one body. Just imagine Patrick Swayze speaking and moving through Whoopie Goldberg in the film “Ghost.”

The performer has a small video camera attached to their head and an audio feed in the ear attached to a mobile with 3G internet. An online user can book a session on the project's website, can log in and see the live video feed. The audience are then invited to tell the performer their instructions through the audiofeed. The performer wears signage informing the live audience of the video feed and user online. The signage allows the audience to become aware they are speaking to both a stranger on the net and also the person in front of them. 

There are, of course restrictions which are indicated on the website and instructional video before online users can begin to use the project. The online user must think of themselves not as a puppeteer or controller of an avatar [the performer.] The online user must think of themselves more like a voice in the head of the performer. We do not always follow our inner monologue in our outward actions because we are, of course, socialized creatures with restrictions and consequences. The user's control is an attempt to direct and persuade the performer’s words and actions. The performer control is to select user direction wisely.

The performer [myself] acts as a filter or online administrator, monitoring the content, allow and disallow certain inappropriate behavior. The performer can also pick and choose what it is offered by the audience member. This control allows the performer to prevent throwing themselves infront of a truck, which some users may request! [The project would end quickly if there weren't at least some safety protocol.]

The website will be divided into a Calender of events such as dancing lessons, grocery shopping, trip to the zoo etc. Each event will contain a break down of goals in that event and a menu of audience motivations, and mode of use, this is to reduce the free for all, live trolling situation you and I can most
obviously see arising.


I see this project being a future “lived” performance, where I can be this way in an everyday fashion as I was with the quote generator. However, because this piece requires such intense audience participation, there needs to be a lot of testing, decent funding to advertise online to get interested participants,

programming, market development and technology involved. 

Of course the live performances could merge into other events while there since they are interventionist and mobile. 

I want to give over myself, have a holiday from whoever I am and let someone else have a turn.

I have been told, this project might be Big Brother's weirdo cousin.​


The functions of Google Glass are the same kind of functions we

would want the performer and online user using. This technology

may still not be available to the public but at the moment a spy

camera attached to a smartphone will serve in a similar way.

Prototypes still need to be made with programmer Chris McCormac.

Ultimately it would need to function in a similar way to google glass

but with more basic features. The camera would be positioned in a

pair of glasses on the head, the performer and user can hear each


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