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Artist Running Space

2004 - 2007

Artist Running Space was a gallery Freakley ran for a few years. The work was exhibited on the "gallery suit" and Freakley wore it in environments appropriate for the exhibition. The gallery was advertised, had open calls, and ran like most artist run spaces, the main difference being that it was on a person instead of a building. Artist Running Space spoke to audiences through an automated voice recording which thanked people for visiting the show and played audio of artist talks for the show. 

Under The White Tablecloth

Georgina Edwards, Belle Bassin, Aimee Fairman, Bree Dalton

Mt Bulla

TV Dads

Luis Martinez

Australian Soap Opera 'Neighbours' Set and Family Home, Melbourne


Jessie Angwin

Chinatown, Bubblecup, On Stage with Synth Pop Band, Melbourne

Mighty Masculine Weakness

Naomi Oliver, Sari Kivinen

Melbourne Pubs and Streets

Eat My Face

Anastasia Klose, Merrin Eirth, Sugita Wahl, Luke Kempster, Sarah Pratt, Ian Mowbrey, Helen Lampierve

Melbourne S&M Clubs and Goth Clubs

She Wipes Her Mouth Clean And Says...

Bree Dalton

Mel Mori Gallery, Sydney Boardwalk and Sydney Aquarium

Lost In The Crowd

Dominic Redfern, Merrin Eirth, Emile Zile, Gabrielle De Vietri, Shannon Holopainen, Drew Horsfall

Big Day Out Festival Melbourne

Do You Think Art Has Gone Bankrupt?

Ben Rowette and Nik Heykel

Hotels, Beaches and Snake Temple, Malaysia

Wet Wet Wet

Marc Dejong, Mina Young, Paul Batt, Laureen Lawnsdown

The Commonwealth Games Swimming Arena, Melbourne

Zones of Left Contact

Adam Hill, Stephen Mori

Kurnell Shoreline, Sand Dunes and Biennial of Sydney Opening Night.


Hao Gou

Melbourne Town Hall Mens Toilets, Federation Square

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