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2002 + 2007

In 2001, while Danielle was still a teenager she would hide in a number of bins and dumpsters in Western Australia and offer passers by fake autographs from anyone they wanted to anyone the wanted. The autograph could be from someone living or dead, fictional or not. Freakley would write the fake autographs on trash from the bins. In 2007, this work was remade in Melbourne where Danielle hid in a hole in the floor of Linden gallery covered in piles of garbage, her face could not be seen, only gloved hands. It was also remade in Darwin on Mindil Beach Markets as part of the 24hr Art Gallery arts program and Art Gallery of Northern Territory. 

Excerpt from "Small Quiet Gestures" Catalogue on the piece: "Danielle Freakley plays with this reciprocity by eliciting the unexpected need and longing of individuals. Within the space of her gallery installation Freakley approaches individuals and offers to autograph items as "anyone they wish". In doing so she uncovers individual desire and creates personalised objects of significance. Being covered in rubbish and autographing random objects, either personal possessions or anonymous junk, does not diminish the opportunity to achieve a memento of significance. The collectable with an authentic signature signature doubles in value as an object. Within the context of installed rubbish her act of listening to wishes disrupts the rules of consumption and exposes the aspirational complexities of consumption. 


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