In 2002, while Danielle was still a teenager she would hide in a number of bins and dumpsters in Western Australia and offer passers by autographs from anyone they wanted to anyone the wanted. The autograph could be from someone living or dead, fictional or not. Freakley would write the fake autographs on trash from the bins. In 2007, this work was remade in Melbourne where Danielle hid in a hole in the floor of Linden gallery covered in piles of garbage, her face could not be seen, only gloved hands. It was also remade in Darwin on Mindil Beach Markets as part of the 24hr Art Gallery arts program and Art Gallery of Northern Territory. Some people have later stated they kept the autographed rubbish, even though the autographs were obviously fake, the signatures still had some significance to them, even though on bits of shit from the bin.