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Learn Scomo Shake

Video of dance move submission by community member. When displayed online submission includes logo to the side which can be seen later when the choreographer uses this dance move in a dance sequence. 

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Anna Krishtnrish



Awkward, frustration, anger, grief

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In Australia's summer of 2019/2020, Australia had many bushfires, burning approximately 18.6 million hectares of land, just over the size of France. The Australian federal government at the time made little measures to combat these fires in the first couple months of the summer. In fact they made things  much worse by drastically cutting funding to fire services. Firefighters were often not paid and worked tirelessly for 12 hour days, for months. Prime Minister Scomo remained promoting Australia and downplaying the urgency of the fires in the first couple months, he ignored advice from chiefs of the RFS Royal Fire Service to prepare for the upcoming fires. To the shock of the public, the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison known as "Scomo" decided to take a holiday in Hawaii in the middle of this national emergency. When he returned to the fire ravaged towns, he forced handshakes on firefighters and residents who had their homes and communities burned down. Understandably, they did not want to shake his hand, regardless, he forcibly took their hands and shook them. This forced handshake movement was seen heavily in the international media at the time. 

Scomo's forced handshake is a potent moment in Australian history.  

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