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2018 ongoing

This band is anyone who wants to do almost everything/anything with anyone or no-one on stage. Freakley brings many random objects, instruments etc to the side of the stage for people to use if they choose. The band begins with a number written on the board (usually by Freakley) and if that is your number (you in the audience) you are called onto the stage and do something. You can pick up a thing in the pile of stuff to the side of the stage and do something with it, you can read a book to yourself on stage, you can play an instrument if you want, bring something of your own, dance with a dog or something else, it's open to whatever you feel fits with others and is meaningful to you in the moment. Freakley can kind of kick people on or off the stage to start with by writing equations on the board:  + 12 - 4  means number 12 come to the stage, number 4 can exit the stage but nobody is forced to go or stay... over time, people generally people kick themselves on or off stage too when they feel ready. By the end of the gig, everyone from the audience has been invited on stage and often stays on stage or returns or leaves forever. Below is some footage of the Everything band performed in France. This band is ongoing and the members are always the audience and it often keeps going until there is no audience or stage. It doesn't have to happen with a stage, it has previously happened in stairwells in France (as seen here) chapels and other spaces. 


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