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2004 Masters (First Class) Visual Arts, VCA, University of Melbourne.

2003 Honours Fine Arts, VCA, University of Melbourne.

2002 BA Visual Arts, WAAPA, Perth.


2019 Corso Curatori, School for Curatorial Studies, Venice.

2019 Corso Curatori, School for Curatorial Studies, Venice.

Directing, NIDA, Melbourne.

Selected Solo Exhibitions


2018 'Equal Opportunity To Be A Dictator', MARS Gallery, Melbourne.

2016 'I Like My Friends', TATE, Liverpool Biennial, England.

St George's Hall, Liverpool Biennial, England.

- Co-curated by Sally Talent, Dominic Willsdon, Francesco Manacorda,

Ying Tan, Stephen Cairns and Sandeep Parmar. Raimundas Malašauskas.

 2013 ‘News’ Performance Collaboration with Mark Hosler (Negativland), 

ISEA, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney.

- Curated by Jess Scully.

2009 'QG Phase Two' Performa - Performance Biennial of New York New York.

X Initiative Space  (Former Dia Centre) Elizabeth Dee Run Gallery, Chelsea, New York.

- Curated by Cecilia Alemani.

2008 'Dear Art, Please Touch Me' - Sound Installations, 

National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne.

 - Curated by Tai Snath and Jeff Khan.

2007 ‘Opinions are like Assholes and Everybody's Got One' Mori Gallery, Sydney.

2006 'The Quote Generator' Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne.

- Curated by Alexie Glass.

‘We Must Support Ourselves’ Spacement, Melbourne.

‘Space Games’ Commonwealth Games Art Program, Melbourne.

                    2005 'Artist Running Space' Mori Gallery, Sydney.

2002 'Drawathon' Spectrum Gallery, Perth.



Selected Group Exhibitions


2019 Speecheoke Performances, ARoS Museum, Denmark.

- Curated by Maya Suess as part of Flux.

'A Catalyst for Exchange' Hectolitre Arts Space (Former Swingers Club), Brussels.

 (As co-curator) 'Anecdotes on Origin' A+A Gallery, Venice.

'Ventrilloquy' Gertrude Contemporary Arts Space, Melbourne.

- Curated by Joel Stern.

'Premio Art Prize' Fortezza Nuova, Rome.

Live Performances in Venice International Performance Week, Forte Maghera, Venice.

2018 Installations, Performances, Workshops and Events with Flux Collective, ARoS Museum, Aarhus, Denmark.

- Collectively Curated by Flux Collective.

Woollarha Small Sculpture Prize, Sydney.

Spring 1883 Artfair, Melbourne Art Week, Melbourne.

- Curated by Andy Dinan.

Inverse Performance Art Festival, Arkansas, USA.

2017 'With a World in Crisis, What Does Art Do?' Seychelles National Gallery, 

Seychelles Biennale of Contemporary Art, Seychelles.

- Curated by Dagmar Schmidt.

  'Löwenbräu Lebt!' Kunsthalle Zurich, Zurich.

- Curated by Oliver Roth.

Berlin Art Week 'Openhaus' ZKU, Centre for Art and Urbanistics, Berlin.

'Weep for Painting' MARS Gallery, Melbourne.

- Curated by Domenico Declario.

'Trivial Pursuits' Flux Factory, New York.

'Laura' MARS Gallery, Melbourne.

- Curated by Sophia Hewson.

2016 'Unresolved' De Appel, Amsterdam.

- Curated by Gabriel Lester.

The Oratory, National Galleries Liverpool, Liverpool Biennial, England.

'Dada and Now' San Francisco International Arts Festival, San Francisco.

- Curated  by Tom Dunn.

'Flux Residency Show' Flux Factory New York.

2015 'Beg, Borrow, Steal' Incinerator Gallery, Melbourne.

- Curated by Gabrielle Baker.

2014 'Porn for the Blind' Juliette Jongma Gallery, Amsterdam.

- Curated by Perrine En Morceaux.

'Tell Me' Performances - Arte Mortis Art Space, East Timor.

- Curated by Thomas Henning.

2013 ‘Bazinga' Stark White Gallery, New Zealand.

- Curated by Robert Leonard.

                ‘120 Seconds’ Federation Square, Melbourne.

- Curated by Alex Gibson.

                        ‘Triennial of Extended Media’ ULUS Gallery, Serbia.

2012 ‘Into the Light’ Cruthers Womens Collection, Laurence Wilson Gallery, Perth.

- Curated by John Cruthers.

2010 ‘BYOA’ X Initiative, Former Dia Centre (Elizabeth Dee Space), Chelsea, New York.

'Canadian Pharmacy' Neon Parc, Melbourne.

- Curated by Geoff Newton.

2009 Performances in 'Artifice' Kuala Lumpur Triennial, Malaysia.

  'The Church of Gorgeous Taps' Performa - Performance Art Biennial of New York.

                        'Maximum Perception Performance Festival' English Kills Gallery, New York.

                     'And The Difference Is' Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces, Melbourne.

- Co-curated by Jacqueline Doughty, Emily Cormack and Alexie Glass.

                        'Gone in No Time' Australian Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide.

- Curated by Domenico Declario.

Performances in ‘Side Effects' Performance Studies International, Psi15 Side Effects Collective Collaboration, Zagreb, Croatia.

2008 'Primavera' Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney.

- Curated by Hannah Matthews.

                        'And the Difference is' NUS Museum, Singapore.

- Co-curated by Qinyi Lim, Jacqueline Doughty, Alexie Glass,

Emily Cormack, Ahmad Mashadi, Heman Chong.

2007 'Ill Communication' Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne.

- Curated by Jacqueline Doughty and Alexie Glass.

                        'Interpositions' 24hr Art Gallery, Darwin.

Curated by Steve.

'Small Quiet Gestures' Linden, Melbourne.

- Curated by Linda Sproul.

                        'The One and the Many' Dell Gallery, Brisbane.

- Co-Curated by Holly Arden and Chris Handran. 

2006 'Camus Versus Diderot - There's Nothing Wrong with Choosing Happiness' AVA Gallery, London.

                        ‘Endgame - Late Capitalist Realism’ Margaret Laurence Gallery, Melbourne.

- Curated by Bernhard Sachs.

‘In Progress’ Spacement Gallery, Melbourne.

- Curated by Hannah Matthews.

2005 ‘Wonderland,’ Breadbox Gallery, Perth.

                        ‘Simulton, 100 Seconds,’ Timurasue Gallery, Romania.

                        ‘Strip Tease Every day Objects’ Polytechnic Institute, New York.

                        ‘Check Point’ Mori Gallery, Sydney.

- Curated by Stephen Mori.

2003 'Hatched’ Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Perth.

- Curated by Nadia Johnston.

Selected Grants, Awards and Residencies

2019 (forthcoming) Shared Studio, PVI Performance Collective, Perth.

 Thinker in Residence 'Residency of Reflection' Hectolitre Arts Space, Brussels.

 Participant in intensive performance art workshops by VestandPage, Venice.

Finalist ACMI Mordant VR Commission, Melbourne.

Finalist Premio Art Prize, Rome.

Finalist, Bayside Sculpture Awards, Sydney.

2018 Artist Residency ARoS Museum with Flux Collective, Denmark.

Special Mention in Woollarha Small Sculpture Prize, Sydney.

2017 Fellowship, ZKU Centre for Kunst and Urbanistics, Berlin.

Performance Lab Residency - Gessnerallee Theater der Künste, Zurich.

Residency, Flux Factory, New York.

2016 1st Selection Finalist, Arte Laguna Prize, Arsenale of Venice.

Flux Factory Residency (Supported by The Andy Warhol Foundation) New York.

Department of Culture and the Arts Grant, Western Australia.

Australia Council for The Arts Grant, Australia.

2015 Dancehouse Space Grant, Melbourne.

 Ian Potter Cultural Trust Grant, Australia.

2014 Perth Institute of Contemporary Art Residency Perth.

2011 'Sprint' Honest Conversation project development, Media Lab Melbourne. Residency, Melbourne.

2009 'Gone in No Time' Australian Experimental Art Foundation, Residency, Adelaide.

2008 'Emerging Artist Grant' Australia Council of the Arts, Australia.

2007 'Visual Arts' Qantas Spirit of Youth Award, Museum of Contemporary Aart, Sydney.

                        ‘Kickstart Grant' Next Wave, Melbourne.

                        'Artist in Residence' University of Melbourne.

                        'Artist in Residence' Monash, Melbourne.

2004 ‘National Gallery of Victoria Women’s Association Award’, Melbourne.

2003 ‘Theadore Urbach, Masters Award’ Melbourne.

2002 ‘John Birman Memorial Prize’ Perth.


Selected Interventionist Performances


2017 - Ongoing 'Equal Opportunity to Be A Dictator' - Collaborative Conversational Performance through daily life:

Brussels, Berlin, Zurich, Basel, Venice, Paris, Northern France, Denmark, New York, Melbourne, Hobart, 

Perth, Sydney, Prague, London, Liverpool, Seychelles.


2014 - Ongoing Collaborative Confidential Works

with development at Gessnerallee Theater der Künste, Zurich. Performing Arts Forum, France.

Collaborations with performers from various backgrounds 

including circus artists, magicians, foolery, dance, opera, wrestling, acting, building, music, science and technology 

in Zurich, France, England, Berlin, Australia, Seychelles, New York and Prague.


2009-2010 ‘The Quote Generator Phase Two' Collaborative Conversational Performance through daily life socially.

                  in New York and Perth. Not used at home, with friends in private, in work situations or organizational situations.


2006-2008 ‘The Quote Generator Phase One’ Collaborative Conversational Performance daily life socially in:

New York, Berlin, Shunde China, Darwin, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Los Angeles, London, Nottingham and Paris.

2006 'Artist Running Space' Performances Exhibiting:

‘Zones of Left Contact’ Stephen Mori, Adam Hill

                             - Kurnell shoreline and sand dunes and Opening Night the Biennale of Sydney.

'Eat My Face' Sugita Wahl, Luke Kempster, Sarah Pratt, Ian Mowbrey, Merrin Eirth, Anastasia Klose

                              - BDSM Clubs and Goth Clubs, Melbourne.

'Do You Think Art Has Gone Bankrupt?' Ben Rowette and Nik Heykel

                              - Hotels, Beaches and Snake Temple, Malaysia.

‘Wet Wet Wet’ Mina Young, Laureen Lawnsdown, Paul Batt, Marc Dejong

                              - The Commonwealth Games Swimming Arena, Melbourne.

'Mighty Masculine Weakness' Sari Kivinen, Naomi Oliver

                              - Pubs and Streets Melbourne.

‘Made to Measure’ Cabin Exchange Collective Glasgow

                              - Docklands, Melbourne.

‘Lost in the Crowd’ Dominic Redfern, Merrin Eirth, Emile Zile, Gabrielle De Vietri, Shannon Holopainen, Drew Horsfall

                              - (commissioned) The Big Day Out Music Festival, Melbourne.

                        ‘TV Dads’ Luis Martinez

                              - Neighbours (TV Show) tour, Family House, Melbourne.


2005 Artist Running Space Performances Exhibiting:

'Octopussy’ Jessie Angwin

                              - Chinatown and Electro Gig, Melbourne.

'She Wipes Her Mouth and Says...' Bree Dalton

                              - Sydney Ferries, Jetties, Harbour Walks, Sydney Aquarium, Sydney.

'Chicken' Hao Gou

                              - Melbourne Public Mens toilets, Federation square, Trams, Melbourne.


 2004 'Text Mask Series’ Lived in daily life anywhere Freakley would go.

                        Not shown in the home, at the bank, in the airport, in the studio.

                        Performed in various spontaneous locations in Melbourne and Perth.

Selected Publications and Presentations


2019 Ventriloquism for Dummies, The Age, Australia.

'Octopus 19: Ventriloquy' Art + Australia Journal, Australia.

'Mouthing' Un Projects

  (Forthcoming) Heidie Museum workshops, Melbourne.

(Forthcoming) Make It Up Club, Melbourne.

2018 'Say What' Penelope Trotter, Edward Colless - Art + Australia Journal, Australia.

2017 Presentation of Artwork to the Seychelles President, Seychelles Biennial, Seychelles National Gallery, Seychelles.

SBC, Seychelles National TV News Network, Interview, Seychelles Biennial, Seychelles National Gallery, Seychelles.​

Artist Talk, LJMU University, Liverpool, England.

Private Written Pieces, Becoming Undiagnosable - Power Makes Us Sick Conference, Tranzitdisplay Gallery, Prague.

Presentation and Workshops of Private Works, Performing Arts Forum, France.

Presentation and Workshops of Private Works, Gessnerallee Theater der Künste, Zurich.

2016 Talk with Raimundas Malašauskas - John Lennon Art and Design Building, LJMU, Liverpool, England.

'What Australian Art Needs in 2016' Natalie Thomas, Art Guide Australia.

2015 'Beg, Borrow, Steal' Catalogue Essay, Incinerator Gallery, Melbourne.

'Dear L' Runway Magazine, Australia.

2014 'Artcrush' Public Talk and Presentation with Mark DeJong, Lismore Gallery, NSW.

                       Public Talk and Presentation, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Perth.

                       Public Talk and Presentation, Central Institute of Technology, Perth.

2013 ‘You’d Be Home By Now’ Anthony Byrt, ArtForum, New York.

                        ‘Double Quote Unquote’ Scholarly Attribution as [a] Speculative PlayRuth Walker, Media Culture Journal, Australia.

                        'Food for Thought' T.J. McNamara, The New Zealand Herald, New Zealand.

2012 ‘Into the Light’ Artist Talk, Laurence Wilson Gallery, Perth.

                        'And the Difference Is' Concept Over Beauty, Liau Shu Juan, MOMA wordpress, Brisbane.

2011 ‘Honest Conversation’ Melbourne Lab Melbourne, Melbourne.

                        ‘SubText Symposium Panel’ and Conducting Workshops, The Wheeler Centre, Melbourne.

2010 ‘Symbiotica Artist Talk’ University of Western Australia, Perth.

2009 'You Shall Worship No Other Artist God' Art+Culture, New York.

                        'Who Made Who' The Art Life, ABC Television, Australia.

                        ‘Warren Pierce' Linda Yorblanski, ArtForum, New York.

                        ‘Feminism Never Happened’ Alexie Glass, Art + Australia.

2008 'Primavera' Adam Jasper, Frieze Magazine, London.

                        'Primavera' Art World Magazine, Australia.

                        'Primavera' Art Collector Journal, Australia.

                        'Picking Up' Runway Magazine, Australia.

2007 'Dear Art Please Touch Me' Real Time, Australia.

                        'The Quote Generator' Enough Rope, ABC Television, Andrew Denton, Australia.

                        'Mirroring our Dialogue' Artlink, Australia.

                        'Dying for your Art' The Age, Melbourne.

                        'Art and its Audience' Art Monthly, Australia.

                        'Text Me' Eyeline Magazine, Australia.

                        'The One and the Many' In Conversation with Stuart Ringholt, Darren Sylvester,’ - Machine Magazine, Australia.

                        Panellist, speeches and presentations as 'The Quote Generator' for:

                              - Melbourne City Council, Melnourne.

                             - Emerging Writers Festival Melbourne.

                             - National Young Writers' Festival, Newcastle.

                             - Monash University Melbourne.

                              - Australian Centre of Contemporary Art, Melbourne.

                             - Art Gallery of Northern Territory.

                             - RMIT University Gallery, Melbourne.

2006 ‘Never Lost for a Quote.’ The West Australian Newspaper, Perth.

                        ‘Danielle Freakley’ Un magazine, Australia.

2005 ‘This Space for Hire, Danielle Freakley is a One Woman Gallery’  Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney.

2004 ‘Out There’ Art Collector Journal, Australia.




University of Western Australia.

Cruthers Collection.

Edith Cowan University.

 Publisher of Art Forum, New York.

Karen Lovegrove, Los Angeles.

other various collections in New York, Los Angeles and Australia.

Other Roles in Creative Fields

2019 Background Performer, Lithuanian Pavilion, Venice Biennale, Italy.

Guest Lecturing and Tutoring postgraduate Students - LJMU University,

John Lennon Art and Design Building, Liverpool, England.

2018 Guest Lecturing and Tutoring Undergraduate Performance Students, Kask, Belgium.

2017 Member of London Institute of Pataphysics, London.

Guest Lecturing and Tutoring Undergraduate Students (within Dictator Performance) - LJMU University,

John Lennon Art and Design Building, Liverpool, England.

Installation Assistant, Seychelles Pavilion, Venice Biennale, Italy.

2015 Director, Royal Academy of Shit Dancing aka Poohead Dance Academy, Australia.

Poohead Dance Academy Teacher, Australia.

2013 Artist Facilitator REmeda [Recycled Arts] Perth.

2009 Artist Assistant Pam Butler, New York.

2007 Sessional Tutoring of Undergraduate Visual Arts Students.

                       - VCA University of Melbourne.

                       - Monash University, Melbourne.

2006–2007 Artist Assistant Merrin Eirth, Melbourne.

2006 Casting Technician Lenrose Jewelers, Melbourne.

2005–2007 Director, Curator, Technician, Administrator of Artist Running Space Gallery, Melbourne.

2005 Gallery Assistant, VCA Gallery, Melbourne.





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