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- Before the site opens to the public, a number of local institutions are invited to pick people in their org to be part of this. They will be paid a small fee for their contributions. 

- Once the site officially opens, the wider arts community can submit through social platforms. 

- Have a prominent share video option after video pages to encourage sharing on social media. 

- Market online events online through social media target ads. 

- Use marketing budget to hire social media staff to target and repost on tictoc, facebook instagram and twitter for 4 hours per week. I will update and try to repost where I can but I am not as great at social media, so will hire a staff member to do it well. 

- Host dance events online to keep people fit, be social, make friends and learn weird new dance moves from the community.  

- Promote final event, can be optional live event (offline).

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