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Hear the Call (Forthcoming) 

The audience can take a phone home to keep. Before taking one, they must first sign a phone contract. The phone also comes with an instruction guide which further outlays phone functions, as seen below. When Freakley was in artschool in 2003, she made a piece where she instered phones into gravestones, directly speaking with the dead. This may be seen in a similar vain to the Itaru Sasaki's 2011 Phone of the Wind, which is not an art project but a phonebooth thousands have visited in Japan to speak with the dead.


This project an improved revisit to Freakley's 2003 work, but explores a greater depth of communication and a wider variety of conversations to be had, beyond (but also inclusive) of conversations with the dead. There is updated technology (without electronics) of mobile phone usage. 

phone display cropped.jpg
para phone.jpg

These mobile phones are recycled display phones, thrown away from phone shops. These former display phones look like normal phones from the outside but have no inner electronics and are filled entirely with a heavy plastic, weighted as a normal phone, so feel normal (not hollow) to hold. 

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