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The writings on the rocks were written, rewritten, scrubbed out, written over throughout the show. The writings on the rocks are introjected monologues from a number of people Freakley spoke with. What's an introjected voice? It is the voice of another invading your inner monologue, so it could be something a grandparent, parent, teacher, friend etc said to you at another point in your life, but now now you have adopted these sayings from others as inner monologue. We do this all the time, but what Freakley asked people to do is to consciously catch themselves, consciously dig up severe introjected thoughts, ones that stick hard, that sink to the depths of you. She wrote these introjectred mantras of others on the rocks and scrubbed them out, write over them again on the rocks under the splashes.

Screenshot 2022-11-01 112653.png
Screenshot 2022-11-01 112635.png
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Screenshot 2022-11-01 112813.png
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