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Optional Final
Live Event Outcome

Although the outcome is set to be in August and a vaccine most likely will not be available at that time. Online events can still take place in August, but the potential of an additional event off screen, in real life further down the track (once a vaccine is available) could be a great option too. It could also provide incentive to submit, share, learn, watch, visit dances from the site more knowing there will be a final dance party, a quench after the longing for the sacred vaccine. A celebration when we can finally go out to party together in a sweaty dancefloor. 

It could be a big "welcome back" dance party. If the submissions of dance moves are from the arts sector in Australia, this event could also be used as a creative act to symbolise the arts community sharing. By dancing each-other's moves, we share intimacy, creativity, histories, we acknowledge and embody (literally embody) a wider arts community. A funny dance move is something anyone can share. 

At the party, there will be multiple projections or screens with the dance moves from the site submitted by the arts community. People can watch and learn, relearn dance moves, just watch or dance in their own way with them, however they feel. In the more general dance party area, people can dance with the art community in celebration, freely. They may recognise people from their video and their moves, dance together, copy each-other, know dance moves of each-other more, getting to know people from the sector in another fun way. 


There may be a short moment with a big fun dance-along with a fun dance instructor teaching everyone a series of highlight dances from the community and calling out the names of these dances such as "Scomo shake" "Handwash" etc, as a group for ten minutes. A projection to the side of the dance instructor will have the icon for the dance move presented to keep everyone up to speed. 


Before the dance instructor there will be a speech, an acknowledgement of the Australian arts community solidarity through this tough year. Those in the wider arts Australian arts community, who couldn't be here, are acknowledged and a few of their dance moves are spoken of with fondness. The party can also be used as a platform of celebration of inclusiveness in the sector, a moment to acknowledge that we will continue to advocate and support each-other through these times. The rest of the night is for dancing, having fun, catching up, meeting and the basic enjoyment of being around each-other again.


Our industry is falling on hard times. The more serious message of this fun night, will be to acknowledge each-other, our roles in the sector in support. We have a strong, innovative inclusive sector worth saving. We do not want to see some of these great art institutions, arts workers and artists perish. As an arts sector, we are not just creating artistic events, we are growing into stronger advocates for our creative friends and we want to continue supporting and celebrating each-other however we can. In this night, as a symbolic gesture, we can celebrate by sharing our unique moves from others in the sector, in solidarity and celebration as a gesture of our collective creativity.  

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