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Development - Hearing the Call

New Development of work first made in 2003, now revisited in 2020. 



  • Five phones on display.

  • Each phones has a different function.

  • Text under each phone telling the function for each phone.

  • Under each display phone is a shelf in a cabinet, full of phones with the same function as the display phone directly above it. 

  • Each phone is a dummy phone with no electronics inside. Phone shops get rid of these everyday, there is an abundance of fake phones for display. Old thrown away phones from phone recycle places can also be used with the electronics taken out and filled with something that makes the phone feel a normal weight, so it feels normal to hold. 

  • Audiences select a phone from the cabinet with function they want most. They can keep this phone



        deceased phones                 better version phones            spiritual entity phones         fictional characters phones                 you phones

This phone is made 1.jpg
  • Each phone an audience member takes home, comes with small paper with text as seen above, reminding them of the phone's intended function.

  • Audiences may sign a contract as they take a phone, the contract would ask them to confirm they will try to use the phone at some point and the names of people they want to contact within the respective phone function. 

  • As they can take a phone home, they can try using it when they feel. 














Instead of five phones, there could be just one phone with five functions. 

Sample instructions below for the five-in-one phone: 

phone display 1.jpg
This phone lowres.jpg
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