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The audience are invited to perform a selection of speeches where CC captions are used to turn a speech into karaoke. Some of them may be from film, from historical public speeches, from debates, from talk shows. From Greta Thunberg's "How Dare You" speech, to the president of the network speech about companies taking over the world in the cult classic "Network" to the duets of Žižek & Jordan Peterson to Gillard's "I will not be lectured by this man" can be reenacted in karaoke format (but without the cheesy music) where audiences can plainly follow the text and easily voice these important monologues and dialogues through history.  


Audiences are invited to participate. 



A platform to act as a stage for speeches. On top of a tall building could work well, speaking out into the public below. 

A screen facing the performer on stage where the Speecheoke text can be read. 

This stage-projection-smallscreen setup could be inside or outside the gallery. 



Attendants are needed to DJ the speecheoke. 


Simple kareoke setup. Screens, speakers, mic, amp. 


Chance for the audience to perform and re-enact one of their favourite monologues or dialogues in history. 


Figuring out as a night event and/or if the work can be sustained in a gallery context during an exhibition. 

Covid Accommodations

- This could work as an online event, however ideally it is best live in person. 

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