Take Over Show


The Take Over Show will have artists Rory Macbeth, Danielle Freakley and one other artist  take over the gallery for a weekend. By taking it over, none of the work needs to be installed, and no other exhibition currently showing in the space needs to be disturbed physically for it to happen. 

Rory's work involves the Gallery going up for sale for the weekend and a real realestate agent touring audiences around the space "selling" it to them, getting them to reimagine it with many other functions, promoting the space and surroundings and showing people unknown areas of the gallery, getting them to see the potential of them in other ways. Danielle will invite the audience to dictate the speech of each-other wandering around the gallery.


The space is taken over and conversation taken over in this take over show.  

Rory Macbeth pdf


Heavy Participation


Light Participation



Previously Exhibited In

Wandering Arts Biennial


Political Therapy


Dance Workshops

Political Therapy

Take Over


Unlearning School


Wandering Biennial

Politics of Listening



Political Therapy

Wandering Biennial

Take Over



Political Therapy

Unlearning School

Arts Advocacy

Wandering Arts Biennial

Politics of Listening

Dance Workshops

AI Workshops

Fluxus (USA)

Political Therapy (EU)

Unlearning (INDO, GER, UK)

Wandering Biennial (BEL)

Dance (FRA, GER, SING)


Take Over (UK)

Take Over - For Sale version in Tate

Fluxus - Many major international galleries

Political Therapy - Manifesta

Unlearning - Next Documenta ZKU

AI - Venice Biennale


Wider public.


All gallery areas. 



Equal Opportunity to be a Dictator has been shown in Brussels as audience participation work in 2019 and in a show at the Tate, Rory proposed the "For Sale" work and Maurizio Cattelan, the curator of the show turned his For Sale idea into "No Soul For Sale" show at the Tate. Rory put his booth up for sale in an art fair... but this in a state gallery will see the work realised more fully to his original vision. 



The Dictator work needs plant conversationalists, ipads at entry with instructional videos. 

The "For Sale" Work will need a real real-estate agent who will show people around the gallery as a building for sale. 


- Media-enticing spectacle. 

- Highly engaged work, direct interaction with the community. 

- It's a work that the "general public" may connect with physically and psychologically without an elaborate knowledge of art history. 

- Relevance, brings to the boil the fragility of the arts sector on the edge of an apocalypse. 


- Legalities of "For Sale" and public perception. 

- Legalities of Equal Opportunity to be a Dictator work. 

- Security in real estate tours of the gallery. 

Accomodations for Covid 

- Online version of Dictator 

- Online tours and ad for the "For Sale" piece.