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This project is a digital and real life collaboration between user and performer. The user, through the comfort of their own computer, tablet or phone, tells the performer what to do and say. The performance is two people trying to control one body - the living performer/drone/avatar in parts of their daily life. 

The performer/drone/avatar has a small video camera attached to their head and an audio feed in the ear attached to a mobile with 3G internet. An online user can book a session on the project's website, can log in and see the live video feed. The audience are then invited to tell the performer their instructions through the audiofeed. The performer/drone/avatar wears a badge informing the live audience of the video feed and user online. The signage allows the audience in real lift to become aware they are speaking to both a stranger on the net controlling the person in front of them. This is footage taken between the user and the avatar. The user is in San Francisco and the avatar/person is visiting the Zoo in Western Australia. The avatar and user may book in a session going to the supermarket, beach or other regular daily activities. 













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