Add Your Dance Move or Dance Sequence


A dance move could be one or a few steps together forming one "move". 

A dance sequence is several or more dance moves as a choreographed segment.

Most of us here are not professional dancers and we do not expect perfection. A clear understanding of the basic move or sequence of moves is great.

If you want to share a dance move or sequence that is already known, you are welcome, however, we highly preference new or lesser-known dance moves and dance sequences. You might invent your own moves or sequences. If you find a movement that has a certain quality which sparks your interest and even though it might not originally be a dance move, if you feel somehow it could turn it into a dance move or dance sequence, that's excellent. We would love to learn and share. 


In submitting your short tutorial video for your dance move or dance sequence please include the following:

1. The individual dance move or sequence of moves at normal speed. 

2. Safety tips and advice for tricky parts (if any) with a slow demo.

3. The whole individual move or sequence of moves at slow speed three times.

4. The whole individual move or sequence of moves at normal speed three times. 

5. Variations of the dance move or sequence (if available).  



No need for titles, subtitles, video transitions, effects or overlays or talking too much while standing around. Keep focused on the dance move or sequence of moves. Keep it simple. The video should be the dance demonstration with optional vocal instruction while the demo is happening. By cutting out additional unnecessary material, you allow the audience to loop the video if they need to redo the dance without having to wait too long or skip through extra non-dance material the second time over. Keeping it simple can help your audience retain the dance move.  

Search the quick icon maker app or upload your own 

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