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This is our current draft model put together by myself and two Belgian artists as an attempt to fill the gap between gallery/dealer representation and artists representing themselves. We are at the very early stages of research and development of this working model for artists representing other artists. This model is based on years of working in artist collectives internationally, years of working inside of commercial representation by Tolarno Gallery Melbourne and Mori Gallery Sydney and years of self representation also. I hope everything leaned from the curatorial research in Venice will also help in developing this model and we can try and help bridge a gap between commercial representation and solo representation of artists. It will take years of research and development to attempt. 

Password: imagineinternet  The webpage can be counted as 1 page of written material. 

This was a project taken on by the Liverpool Biennial, The Tate and many other institutions. There are a number of international skilled people who have worked on the project collaboratively. This is the most complicated project attempted and largest group of people from many different fields, across a number of different countries, I have ever managed before. I feel even though this started out as a solo art project, it grew to taking on more collaborator, curatorial, director and producer roles in a large group. I also mentored, performed, interviewed with a number of people. Many different skills shared and gained. 

Artist Running Space - Curatorial and Performance

Artist Running Space was a gallery Freakley ran for a few years. The work was exhibited on the "gallery suit" and Freakley wore it in environments appropriate for the exhibition. The gallery was advertised, had open calls, and ran like most artist run spaces, the main difference being that it was on a person instead of a building. Artist Running Space spoke to audiences through an automated voice recording which thanked people for visiting the show and played audio of artist talks for the show. The exhibitions were shown in spaces the exhibiting artists requested such as Snake Temples in Malaysia, The set of the TV show "Neighbours", Chinatown, Aquariums, beaches, S&M clubs, snowy mountains and many other places. 

We Must Support Ourselves - Curatorial and Performance

An exhibition where Freakley made artists silently be infront of their work for the whole show. The show had established, emerging, craft, grafiti artists [taggers or "writers"] art students, buskers, cafe artists and hobbyists, artists who may not normally exhibit together. The artists supported their works physically guarding them throughout whilst allowing the audience to judge them as part of the work inside the taped off areas. 

Equal Opportunity to be a Dictator - Performance Collaboration, Social Practice

Markers: Please watch  3 MINS on below youtube video from 0.33min - 3.33min 

Freakley speaks in social public everyday life inviting people to tell her what to say and vice versa. She does not do this in appropriate work situations, organisational situations, speaking privately with certain friends, in the studio or at home. In all other social situations, she tries to converse this way. People are invited to edit whatever words are offered in a manner true to them. Anyone is also invited to speak with others in this mode too. 


Since the official Berlin launch, this work is ongoing, collaboratively made with anyone anywhere, everywhere, just chatting with whoever comes up on the way. 



The Quote Generator - Performance collaboration, Social Practice

Markers: Please watch 3 MINS from below youtube video from 5.05min - 8.05min 

For more than a few years, Danielle spoke in referenced quotations in social public situations as her mode of speech in everyday life.

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